Hari Trivedi, Independent Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin
Hari Trivedi
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    Hari Trivedi, Independent Candidate Governor of Wisconsin


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Hari Trivedi



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About Me (In a Nutshell)

I have lived in Brookfield for the past several years with my wife of 23 years and my three boys, all of whom go to public school in the Elmbrook School District. I am a specialist in kidney diseases by profession. I enjoy reading, traveling, politics and economics.

And I am a sports buff!

I am a die-hard Packer fan
...tough first loss strong comeback in second game; Go Pack!

And Brewers fan...
...they have had a difficult season; but we need to keep supporting them; sure they will come back strong next time.

And Bucks fan...
... waiting for the next season..

If any of the above games are on TV, the remote is mine; just ask my wife, irritates her to no end.

I am in love with this state and want to see it become the pride of the nation.




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