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Increase Capital
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    Hari Trivedi, Independent Candidate Governor of Wisconsin


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Increase Capital: Bring an Influx of Dollars into the State.

In order to rejuvenate the state’s economy it is essential to get an influx of capital into the state, or in other words attract external dollars to flow into the state. In general a 'closed' state economy is limited by the extent it can grow. To expound, when people buy goods and services the economy grows. Goods are sold, the sellers make profit, hire people, those people take home a paycheck, buy more goods and services, more goods and services are sold and so on. However, the extent of such growth is limited by it being a zero-sum game in fiscal terms. The number of dollars that circulate around is for the most part constant (there is some growth as people invest externally and bring money home, but this is limited). In order to grow to the next stage it is necessary for new dollars (or investment) to flow into the system.

The government’s task is to solicit the flow of such external investment and create an environment that stimulates and enhances the flow of such dollars. Such an environment includes, but is not limited to –low taxes, incentives to invest in the State, appropriate regulations, but with simplicity and lack of unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles.

My primary goal is to achieve the foregoing by meeting business leaders, traveling if necessary to Brazil, India, China. Companies around the world should state THIS IS A WISCONSIN CORPORATION.




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